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IEMT Practitioner/Advanced Training Scotland 2020

I am so pleased to repeat the Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) training and advanced training in Scotland in April 2020. I am again hosting Andrew Austin’s IEMT trainer Alan Johnson for the two day IEMT Practitioner training followed by the two day Advanced Training, in Edinburgh, 4th-27th April 2019, at the Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue: https://www.edintrain.com/

Please read the "Booking & Payment" tab.  Email me with any questions.

IEMT is an extremely effective brief therapy that can achieve change for clients where nothing was working before. It is a rapid change process that can be used with great effect as a content free tool for dealing with trauma and other negative emotions.

It can also be used as a generative tool for identity level change. IEMT addresses and resolves the question, “how did this person learn to feel this way about this thing?” and “how did this person learn to be this way?”.

IEMT was developed by Andrew T Austin http://www.integraleyemovementtherapy.com/ who is no longer doing Practitioner Training for IEMT the UK. I am so pleased to bring Alan here to give Practitioners the opportunity to learn and master this fantastic set of tools.

This training will be of interest if you are a coach, counselor, therapist, or someone interested in helping people, and want to:

  • enhance your ability to quickly help people with negative emotions and trauma
  • have tools to support people to release unhelpful identity imprints and better reach their goals
  • achieve change where other interventions may have failed
  • become a certified IEMT Practitioner, with a presence on the IEMT website

For the IEMT Advanced Level:

Content will build on existing knowledge and include:

  • Further exploration/ explanation of
    • Patterns of Chronicity
    • The 3 Pillars model
    • Visual fields
  • Advanced Kinaesthetic change-work with IEMT
    • Working with Phobia
    • Working with Physical Illness & Pain
  • Advanced Identity change-work with IEMT
    • Advanced methods for working with Pronounscapes
    • Working with Identity ‘want’ drivers
    • Family Constellation work

The training takes place at Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue – 16 St Mary’s Street, EH1 1SU Edinburgh, United Kingdom: https://www.edintrain.com/ logo The training takes place from Saturday 4th to Tuesday 7th April 2020. Registration is at 9am on Saturday 4th and Monday 6th and we start at 9:30am and finish at 4:30pm each day.

Regarding accommodation in Edinburgh for those of you travelling from further afield, some discounted Accommodation is available through the venue: https://www.edintrain.com/find-accommodation/  you can also see: http://www.visitscotland.com/destinations-maps/edinburgh-lothians/accommodation/

As well as hotels, you may like to look at more cost effective options such as AirBnB https://www.airbnb.co.uk/ or B&Bs just outside the center which tend to have frequent buses going to and from the Royal Mile.

Booking.com is a good place to start for B&Bs / guest houses and eg: Newington and other areas 1-2 miles from the center could still work well as there are frequent buses taking only about 10 minutes to the center/Royal Mile.

In addition, if anyone is interested in sharing accommodation / an AirBnB flat with others attending the course to reduce costs, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with each other.

See sub-menus for venue information: https://www.edintrain.com/attending-an-event/

Alan Johnson https://www.changeworking.co.uk/:

Alan is an insightful, safe and knowledgeable teacher and facilitator. He has a direct yet understanding approach which helps get quickly to the point and resolve any issues or “stuckness”.

Debbie Banks- November 2013

Some more testimonials for Alan:

“Just wanted to give you a quick update on my IEMT. I have used it almost daily with different children since learning it. One little girl had witnessed her father assaulting her mother the night before, I finger waggled her and she said her brain was tickling and she burst out laughing – this from crying her heart out not more than 30 seconds ago! She says every time she sees me her brain tickles and makes her laugh! A year five boy who is always in trouble for fighting, is almost always upset and very quiet, so after last fight I let him calm down and then I finger waggled him, in two years I have never seen this little boy smile…he just looked at me and said “huh? What was that?” He hasn’t had a fight in two days!”

U.R., Primary School Learning Mentor

Alan is a very engaging trainer who uses humour to make the course very enjoyable. I’ve really enjoyed the course and feel confident to use it with others. Fantastic material, fantastic trainer…when is the advanced IEMT course? Andrea Hopwood- IEMT Practitioner 2013

Very enjoyable and interesting course for people looking for practical, quick and easy techniques to support and develop personal change in themselves and others. Well presented, engaging and plenty of opportunities to practice and experience both guiding and exploring. Eddie Mullany- IEMT Practitioner 2013

alexHost: Alexandra McCauley

We have limited places on the training course, so please get in touch as soon as possible to book your place.

Each two day training is £369 (or £359 if you pay by BACS) for each of the Practitioner level and Advanced Practitioner level and there is a 15% discount to £630 for attending all 4 days (or £610 if you pay by BACS). You can also secure your place with a £100 deposit (in PayPal menu) and I will send you an invoice for remaining payment to be made by start of March. You will find these options listed in the PayPal drop-down menu.

There is a 50% discount on those fees for repeating a level with Alan (with £10 discount for BACS payment).

To secure your place:

  1. please book by paying through the PayPal links on the left of this page. You do not need a PayPal Account, it also provides secure payment using a Credit or Debit card. You will find the options listed in the PayPal drop-down menu.
  2. OR if you prefer, please contact me to request a banking invoice with BACS details (no fees).

If you have any questions and to return your booking form: email me.

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