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Metaphors of Movement, Scotland - October 2019


I'm delighted to be hosting Andrew T. Austin for the full 6 day 3 level course of Metaphors of Movement in Edinburgh in October 2019. This is the only Metaphors of Movement training he will be running in the UK in 2019 - so please book soon. You need to attend Level 1 and 2 for Practitioner Training. Level 3 is optional and you may attend just Level 3 if you have previously completed Level 1 and 2. Scroll down for event and booking information.

Please read the "Booking & Payment" tab. Join the Facebook Event:  https://www.facebook.com/events/546485152529544/ or email me with any questions.

Metaphors of Movement Training Levels

Level 1. The Foundation

An overview of the structure of MoM and the delivery of the change work process. Level 1 is a two day training that equips trainees to safely practice basic content-free MoM sessions for remedial change work purposes.

(a) Introduction to The MoM Process

  • Full outline of the MoM process and session structure.
  • Neurological rationale for the processes.

(b) Introduction to Metaphor Taxonomy and Creating Digital Change

  • The Structure of Outcomes.
  • The Obstructions: external rules and values.
  • The Containers: container metaphors, inherited status, families and long term problems.
  • The Burdens: responsibilities and guilts.
  • The Bubbles: beliefs and values.

Level 2. The Metaphoric Hierarchy

Level 2 is an exploration in how different metaphors logically lead to new metaphors, idioms and simile and how these can be arranged hierarchically. The overall theme of this level is that of relationships and emotional health. Level 2 training completes the practitioner status initiated at level 1.

(a). Introduction to relationships and creating analogical and generative change

  • The Elevations: status games and awkward positions.
  • Relational Positions: where we stand in relation to others.
  • The Fulfilments: emotional trading and transactions.
  • The Hurts: emotional injury and emotional health.

(b). Symbolism and time predication in metaphor

  • Dream work and dream analysis.
  • Introduction to Metaphors of Time.
  • Introduction to Metaphors of Business and Money.

Level 3. The Ground Work

This intermediate level training is an exploration of how we support ourselves and the interaction within the metaphoric environment. This elucidates the generative change work principles taught at level 2 and provides a useful extension for creating generative change.

(a). How, Where and Why We Stand

  • The Supports (anatomy and embodiment): supporting one’s self, receiving support, supporting others.
  • The Supports (environmental): the ground on which we walk.
  • The Cause: why we stand and what we stand for.
  • The Leg Work: the relationship between the body and the ground.
  • Symbolism, meaning and interaction.
  • The Immersions: immersion metaphor.
  • The body and physical health metaphors.

(b). All The World Is a Stage.

  • Stage, acting and performance metaphor.
  • Peak performance.
  • Multiple identities, masks and illusions.

(c). Gaia – The personification of The Earth

  • Chunking up the immediate metaphoric environment to global proportions as a projection from our psyche.
  • Anthropomorphisation in metaphoric symbolism.

The training takes place at Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue – 16 St Mary’s Street, EH1 1SU Edinburgh, United Kingdom: https://www.edintrain.com/ logo The training takes place from 12th-17th October 2019. Registration for new arrivals is at 9am on Saturday 12th, Monday 14th and Wednesday 16th. We start at 9:30am and finish at 4:30pm each day.

Do get in touch if you have any queries about your stay in Edinburgh that I may be able to help with. Some discounted accommodation is available through Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue: https://www.edintrain.com/find-accommodation/

See sub-menus for venue information: https://www.edintrain.com/attending-an-event/

IMG_1096Primarily a clinician and therapist, Andrew T. Austin regularly teaches overseas including Trivandrum in South India, Warsaw in Poland, Boulder in Colorado and New York City, USA.

His therapeutic model of Integral Eye Movement Therapy has proven to be a treatment of choice amongst many therapeutic professionals and is taught internationally to therapists wishing to expand and develop their clinical practice.

Andrew Austin’s hugely popular book, “The Rainbow Machine – Tales From a Neurolinguist’s Journal” edited by Steve Andreas and published by Real People Press is available via Amazon.


“Profound changes!”

“Since attending the MOM workshop almost a year ago the changes I have experienced in my personal and professional life have been profound. At 60 years old I now experience a well-being, physically, emotionally and spiritually, such as I never have after over 25 years of various therapies, treatments, workshops and therapists. My relationship of 20 years is better than it ever has been and my work as a therapist now has a depth and compassion seldom seen in the field of nlp – I am proud of my work, and its results for my clients. This work is superb, both for clients and for ongoing personal use.” G.E., Therapist

“New associations!”

“What continually amazes me is how rapidly and profoundly you can touch the core of a person’s existence and experience by “staying in” their metaphor rather than interpreting, analyzing, or trying to make sense of it. By staying in the metaphor we open hearts and minds to new associations which the client knows what to do with even when we don’t.” Rob Voyle, Director of the Clergy Leadership Institute.

“After attending a workshop with Andy I put into practice within a week my new found skills – WOW! – amazing and rapid results. I believed I listened to my clients, I now knew that I didn’t hear their movement, or lack of it!! Within 2 hours a client who had spent thousands of pounds seeking a cure from others found the right way forward, and could engage their gear. Previously everything was going wrong (and the movement metaphors were going left) and when things went the right way she found movement. We had walls that could be seen over, but couldn’t be got over; scared of falling on their bum……. and literally a numb bum, that triggered instant movement, and a desire to move forward through engaging their gears. Applying a bit of filtering and a walk down a funny road and she had successfully made a way forward, specifically the right way forward. A 3 day check in for feedback and the feedback was good – the best session ever, and the best technique I had used. A successful outcome? Yeah – even the client left feeling good!! I would recommend that all practitioners who want to support their clients achieve movement learn this great skill.” Lesley Hoyle (NLP Practitioner, registered nurse in previous career)



alexHost: Alexandra McCauley

We expect a lot of interest in this Metaphors of Movement training as it is the only one in the UK this year – so please get in touch as soon as possible to book your place.

The course is £150 per day with the “early bird discount”. The early bird ends on March 31st (over 6 days the early bird will save you £180). After that the price is £180 per day and full payment is required by 1st August 2019. 

It is also possible to book right away and pay in installments (by the dates shown).

There is a 50% discount for those repeating a course with Andrew Austin for the Level repeated. Please contact me.

You need to attend at least Level 1 and 2 for Practitioner Training. You may attend just Level 3 if you have previously completed Level 1 and 2.

To secure your place, please book by either:

  1. paying through the Paypal links on the left of this page. You will find the options listed in the Paypal drop-down menus to pay Early Bird or full price and the repeat discount options. You do not need a Paypal Account, it also provides secure payment using a Credit or Debit card.
  2. OR if you prefer, please contact me to request a banking invoice with BACS details.
  3. If you would like to book right away and pay by installments, please let me know and I will send a Paypal invoice which allows partial payment, or this can also be done via BACS.

Please also download the booking form on the left of the page and return to me: email me.

There is also a Facebook Event Page which you can join and follow any posts and updates: https://www.facebook.com/events/546485152529544/

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