Why did you cut your links with Faster EFT?

by Alexandra McCauley
22 Mar

It has been some years since I’ve been involved with FasterEFT (FEFT and now also known as Eutaptics I believe), but every so often I receive emails from people who have either noticed my absence or seen my videos on the HealingMagic YouTube channel (that I have asked to be removed).

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I want your attention

by Alexandra McCauley
24 Apr

I pretend to have a question
just to get your attention –
but I only want attention
you would give
without the question –
the question
that just got your attention….
So now I have your attention!
… and I don’t want it.

Advice from the trainer

by Alexandra McCauley
20 Apr

I have been unsure for some time about how best to highlight the concerns I have about some of the “therapeutic communities” out there and some of the advice and guidance given. The groups that form around the creator of a new “cutting edge healing modality”. The most recent “No 1 healing modality in the world!”…. The groups that quickly come to call themselves a “family”. I was part of one for 3 years. There are many out there, in all shapes and sizes.

I’m still at a loss for what to say, after 2 years of trying, as nothing I write seems to convey the real essence of the problem.

So, I’ve decided just to start anyway, by relating, with a little poetic licence, some “points of interest” and things I noticed… and let other people decide what they think of it all.

In a somewhat poetic form…. an example of the kind of trainer to ‘trainee’ advice I came across, that it seems many people find to be perfectly reasonable:

You missed the training
that’s why you’re ill!
You need to get your fill
of me
this isn’t a one-off
this is your life!
I gave you your life back –
now you throw it away!
You know that other girl?
She’s ill again
just like you –
you two
“peas in a pod” –
I see through you,
you stopped tapping
didn’t you?
What did I tell you?
Every day
there’s no other way.
Everything that’s negative
tap it away.
It’s a thinking system,
don’t question
my universal wisdom!
Your symptoms?
Not gone?
Back just as strong?
Well you did something wrong!
The system works,
so its you
your crappy quirks –
recreating your misery.
Some people are
…so silly.


by Alexandra McCauley
12 Apr stay-at-home

Stay at home

I’d like to go out
but I rarely do
so I’ve dressed to stay at home
as I wouldn’t want to
‘wear’ out
my wearing-out clothes
so I’m in my “stay-at-homes”
and here I stay
because although
I’d like to go out
I rarely do ….

… I’m just not dressed for it.


Terrible things – Mark Twain

by Alexandra McCauley
9 Apr

I have been through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened. —‌ Mark Twain

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