Why did you cut your links with Faster EFT?

by Alexandra McCauley
22 Mar

It has been some years since I’ve been involved with FasterEFT (FEFT and now also known as Eutaptics I believe), but every so often I receive emails from people who have either noticed my absence or seen my videos on the HealingMagic YouTube channel (that I have asked to be removed).

** Update ** After writing the post below I decided to try again to have the videos removed. I wrote to the FasterEft official admin email. On March 29th 2019 I received a reply from Robert Smith himself directly, entitled “It is about healing and helping the world”. Among other things I was told “your words are true when spoke them” and the videos will not be removed. It was then pointed out that he had video footage of me, where I did or said something that I assume he thought I would find embarrassing. Why this was pointed out to me in this email, I’ll leave for others to deduce. After that little gem, he finished the email with a statement that had me amused for quite some time: “I have also attached our Code of Ethic, to reassure you, of our high standard of ethics and are working to be the number one healing modality in the world.”.

Recently I’ve had two further people contact me. One again telling me how encouraging my story is (from seeing one of these videos) and asking for more advice about how to best apply FEFT (it ‘wasn’t working for them’ but they felt it was the answer after watching my video). The other, received yesterday, said the following:

“I came across your website through FasterEFT. I would be interested to know why you cut your links with Faster EFT. “

I thank people for their questions over the years and have usually responded privately where appropriate, but decided that as my videos are still in the public domain I must write a brief public statement. I also owe this to people who subscribed to this Blog when I was writing about FEFT and to the clients I worked with across the world over Skype using FEFT or elements of FEFT.

Yes, I did cut my links with FasterEFT, some time ago.

When I first found and trained in FEFT, despite having degrees in Psychology, I had little experience of working with clients in this way and I had not previously come across many of the techniques and ideas incorporated into FEFT. I was really impressed by the power of many of the ideas and tools and still am. Over time however, I came to realise that the way in which FEFT was presented, applied, recommended to be used, the advice given to Practitioners and so on, was not something I could subscribe to and in all integrity I could no longer practise it in that way or recommend it. In my experience while elements of FEFT could be used by some individuals and some Practitioners to really good effect, if applied *as suggested* it could also be highly counterproductive for many people.

I have since come to know a range of tools, some elements of which are incorporated into FEFT, and a number of other modalities, which can facilitate excellent “results”, yet without requiring those elements that caused me particular concern within FEFT. I also came to see the extent to which different people may benefit from different types of intervention and that for some people a particular approach, however ‘successful’ for others, may be inappropriate.

One point I would add to this, is that FEFT is far from the only modality that I would consider problematic. I am aware of issues across the full range of approaches both “alternative” and “mainstream”.

Please judge for yourselves.

I have asked for my videos on the YouTube HealingMagic channel to be removed as a) those showing my “story” do not reflect my views or story accurately any more and b) I no longer wish to promote FEFT as the modality of choice. My request was passed on, however, they were never removed. We signed a waver to such material when first attending a FEFT training and the ‘policy’ when I was involved with FEFT was to refuse to remove videos. I therefore assume they will not be coming down (unless something has changed in their policy recently) and I am very sorry that my videos are giving those who watch them the wrong impression. There seems little I can do about that, except to make this statement and try to leave a comment on the videos themselves (** update ** I tried to leave comments on the videos, but each time they are deleted/ hidden from public view).

These are the videos in question:

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